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Brickin' it:

Brickin' it is a simple block destroying puzzler, the aim is to tap the coloured blocks to destroy them as quickly as possible.

It was released on the Google Play Store for free but I've since stopped bug fixing and updating due to it being released by another publisher, I've no longer got access to it to update the game, in it's current state it's accually quite bugged and I really don't know why at the time I released it in the state it's in.

Seeing as I no longer have the access to update the game on the play store I've given up on the development of it, I still retain the sources and could update it but I've tried going back to my old Fusion code and it's pretty bad, I rarely commented on any of my old projects which leads to alot of frustration with figuring what does what.

Perhaps one day I might update it so it's fun while still playable, can't see when that will be though sadly.

Untitled Arcade Game titlescreen.
Untitled Arcade Game in demo play.
Untitled Arcade Game during normal play.
Untitled Arcade Game before play starts.
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