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Hello and welcome to my site, I like to create games and applications, I do this mainly as a hobby as I enjoy the experience more but I have worked with a local social enterprise to create apps for them.

These are some of the games I've released

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I've released applications on iOS and android aswell as releasing some games on itch.io and Gamejolt.com.

My most recent project was Untitled Arcade Game which was a 1 to 2 player arcade maze game, in the latest update you can play through multiple mazes and score a hiscore.

I've also made a Pong clone called Bong, I made this as part of a game jam on itch.io, it's a 1 to 2 player competitive arcade game.

Another project I also worked on was a remake of a Commordore 64 game called Sensitive, the game was originally created by Oliver Kirwa.

The main motivation to create this remake was a family member asked if it was possible, I tried my best and released a demo on itch.io and Gamejolt.com.

You can support me

I now accept donations through a number of ways, below are some of the ways to support me.

Buy me a coffee at ko-fi: Click or tap here.

Support me through paypal.me: Click or tap here.

Buy one of my games on itch.io: Click or tap here.

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